ADG is pleased to announce BARE BONES 2015

Friday June 19 and Saturday June 20 at Eden’s Expressway, 537 Broadway, NYC, 4th floor.  8:30 pm. Tickets: $15 at the door.

The concerts offer a special tribute to dance artist Frances Alenikoff,  founder of Eden’s Expressway, who danced into her 80’s and died in 2012.

Two programs of new works feature (on both nights) Kenneth King, special guest, performing Frances’ Unfinished Dance, a new work incorporating Ms. Alenikoff’s text; and The One of No Way: Remembered Fragments, performed by Deborah Jowitt, Ze’eva Cohen, & Wendy Perron with film excerpt of Ms. Alenikoff dancing.

Full Programs:

Friday June 19 at 8:30:  Kenneth King, Ze’eva Cohen, Deborah Jowitt, Wendy Perron, Tina Croll, Columbine Macher, Laura Shapiro, Nancy Zendora,  and Frances Alenikoff on Film.

Saturday June 20 at 8:30:
Kenneth King, Ze’eva Cohen, Deborah Jowitt, Wendy Perron, Sue Bernhard, Ara Fitzgerald, Kaoru Ikeda, Zach Ingram, Gloria McLean, Catherine Tharin, and Frances Alenikoff on Film.

TICKETS:  $15 at the door    For more info:  212-874-6947

Photo: Frances Alenikoff & Kenneth King by Beryl Bernay, courtesy Francesca Rheannon

ADG’s BARE BONES Choreography Showcase offers an informal works-in-process opportunity for choreographers to show new work in its early stages and to get feedback from the audience of friends and colleagues.


Bare Bones 2014:   On June 27th and June 28th 2014, ADG sponsored the annual BARE BONES Showcase at Arts at University Settlement House on Eldridge Street and Rivington Street on the Lower East Side.

Choreographers presenting work included Sue Bernhard, Jennifer Chin, Cain Coleman, Adriane Fang, Craig Zarah Hoke, Kaoru Ikeda, Pooh Kaye, Columbine Macher, Barbara Mahler, Gloria McLean, Molly McSherry, Amy Pivar, Damani Pompey, Jean Pierre Lemire, Maxine Steinman, Catherine Tharin, Indah M. Walsh. Lighting: Emma K. Rivera. Stage Manager: Rebecca Guskin. Videographer: Penny Ward.

Right: Gloria McLean in 2014 Bare Bones in “Polymorphic Fantasia.”   Photo: Christopher Lucka

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