Branching Out – our oral history

Have your read our book?

“Branching Out: Oral Histories of the Founders of Six National Dance Organization” was written by Margot C. Lehman and Marilynn Danitz (both former Presidents) and Katja Pylyshenko Kolcio.

“Branching Out was an excellent choice for my course ‘Philosophy and Criticism of Dance’.  I will continue to tell others about this wonderful and most valuable source.”

These are the words of  Chrystelle Trump Bond, Professor of Dance, Founding Chair of the Dance Department of Goucher College in Towson, Maryland.

“Branching Out” tells the stories of the Guild and the organizations that emerged from it through interviews with the radical educators and artists who founded these seminal associations.

American Dance Guild: Lucile Brahms Nathanson, Bonnie Bird, Bernice Rosen, Joseph Gifford, Carole I. Binswanger, Fannie Isquith, Erna Caplow Lindner, Carolyn Bilderback.

American Dance Therapy Association:  Marian Chace, Catherine Hamilton pasternak, Sharon Chaiklin, Claire Schmai, Beth Kalish-Weiss.

American College Dance Festival Association:  Lydia Joel, Jeanne hays Beaman, Adam A. Pinsker.

Dance Critics Assocation:  Marcia B. Siegel, Deborah Joweitt

Congress on Research in Dance:  Patricia A. Rowe, Jennette S. Roosevelt, Binnie Nird & Lucille Nathanson

Society of Dance History Scholars:  Constance Kreemer, Selma Jeanne Cohen, Genevieve Oswald, Jeanette S. Roosevelt.

These stories make our dance history human. They’ll keep you reading. Like eating potato chips, once you start, you can’t stop. Who was the real force behind the Lincoln Center dance Collection? How did dance communicate to institutionalized schizophrenics? Where did you have to go to see dance in the early ’40s?  Find the answers and much, much more.

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